Digital instructions

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to design a set of digital instructions in the form of animations on our website and in a mobile app but I’m really struggling to find any examples of other companies and individuals managing to create a really slick set of digital instructions - whether on a website or in a mobile app.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an awesome digital instructional experience? It can be for anything from physical product to digital product to dancing etc, really anything.


What are you trying to instruct? Something simple like how to put a credit card in a card reader or a little more complex like how to build a shed from a pile of parts?

It’s instructions for a homebrew beer kit that my company has developed. It’s very simple overall, mostly just pouring ingredients into a vessel and closing it but there are a couple of sightly nuanced movements where the customer has to attach 2 parts together. Currently we’re using animation clips looping, not far off gifs.

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