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I’m currently working on a project for a Salad Bar and one of the tasks is to design a digital menu board. They’ve got 4 TV-screens to display the menu on. On one of the screens there’s going to be an 2-images-slideshow that shows the images for roughly 15 seconds each, looping.

So to the questions. How do I best proceed once the designs are done? Which format is the best for this kind of project? I’m working in Adobe.
Without using any additional services for displaying images in timeframes like Enplug etc. Is the best way to export it to PowerPoint/Keynote? GIFs?

Would very much appreciate help on this!


Find out the exact pixel dimensions of the displays (for example 1920x1080) and build the image in pixels to those dimensions. If you’re using Adobe software, Photoshop can do this. When you find the person who knows the pixel dimensions of the displays, ask that person what format the final images needs to be. It’s likely to be JPEG or PNG but you probably shouldn’t just assume that without finding out for sure what their requirements are.

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Been awhile, but I’ve done that with Powerpoint. Set the show up so that it is full screen, looping, and freestanding (I forget what the actual term is in Powerpoint). It plays by itself and doesn’t need a computer with Powerpoint installed.

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