Digital Painting

I am a graphic designer but love to oil paint. I’m opening a Etsy account and I’m finding that digital prints are selling like hot cakes and that includes giving an image a painterly effect. I’m not fond of the look that Photoshop creates via Oil Paint (it looks fake) except Photoshop does give a canvas look if needed. However, there is one guy on Etsy who digitally paints custom images and it looks like a real painting! It has thick painterly looking strokes and I’d love to know how he’s doing it. I assume he starts with the customers image and captures the colors with the eye dropper then uses special paint brushes? What are your thoughts? Do you know of a great paint program in Adobe that I should check out, and is there somewhere I can get the painterly brushes? Thanks!

What is your source for the claim? I am asking because I have an interest in selling prints.

Digital prints? or digital NFTscams? Did you see the market drop in Crypto? Yeah, NFTs are the same thing.

She specifically mentioned prints.

I saw that, but it’s the nfts that people seem to think are ‘selling like hotcakes’ , and wondered if they might be confusing the concept.