Digital Portfolio Design Trends 2023

Hello Everyone!

Are you building or thinking about building your portfolio?

I am conducting a trend report on what is trending for digital portfolio design and would love to know what your thoughts are !

I have a few questions about what you prefer and your opinions but all feedback is appreciated and welcomed.

Are you team minimalist or maximalist?

Did you prioritize mobile or desktop first design and why?

Do you prefer dark mode or light mode?

Do you prefer portfolios with bright and bold colors or neutral and muted colors?


What are your opinions on immersive and interactive experience designs through animation, 3D visuals, and interactive elements?

How did you build your website (what platform ) ?

Avoid trends. Trends…End.

The portfolio should reflect the business and attract the clientele the designer is interested in working with. Colors should be selected appropriately for the content, not preference of the creator.
Ordered chaos can work, so can staid rigidity, depending on who you are trying to reach.

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