Digital Proofing for Clients

I am trying to find a way to automate the digital proofing process for my Prepress Department. I want our PDF proofs to have the Dimensions, Material, Quantity of prints, Finishing, client name, Job Number, and a section for notes. Does anyone have software or plug in that can automate something like this.

Aleyant’s tFLOW can do all of that and more, and it’s based on Callas PDFToolbox (Adobe Acrobat preflight is also a slightly paired down PDFToolbox experience, for reference)

Clients get their own logins to a web portal to view/comment on/approve/reject/etc designs with all the relevant data on the proof.

Customizing it is extremely involved though, from a programming standpoint, and you’ll need a pretty high level working knowledge of PDFToolbox’s profiles, checks fixups, etc. in order to implement successfully.

As such, it might be kind of spendy if you aren’t doing serious enterprise level stuff.

We tried using TFlow about 6 years ago, and it wasn’t a good fit for our operation, the speed wasn’t up to snuff and it wouldn’t flag a lot of issues that a manual preflight would catch. I know the program OneVision has the potential to create a proof sheet similar to what I am looking for as well as fully automate most functions in prepress however it is very pricey.

tFlow has changed a lot, but it is very much not a turn-key solution, despite what they might sell you on.
It wouldn’t do anything we needed it to without a completely ground-up custom set of checks, fixups and scripts to catch the things we needed it to look for.

I have worked for a company where we used a software called Zoho. I’m not sure how much it costs, but it was really useful for creating your own automated form templates.

do you have a web address for Zoho, because when I googled them it looks like an email marketing software, similar to Constant Contact

Sounds like ccoltons7 misunderstood your question. :slight_smile:
I don’t have an answer for you. We use a standard slug that runs in the crop mark area of the print that has all that info, except for notes. But we do things weird, custom and usually one-off.