Digital Publishing ISSUU-style for FREE?

Bossman wants our annual report to be accessible online and look like a magazine. I thought of ISSUU right away, but I believe it’s pricey. Anyone know of a free, ISSUU-like service? I’ve used InDesign’s Publish Online feature, but it’s not exactly what he’s looking for. Thoughts?

Hi Emma,

completely free will be difficult, as hosting fees typically occur.

Have a look here please:
It’s pure HTML5 and they added interactivity.
Of course you could also do it without interactivity and i a portrait format with double pages.
Or with more interactivity. Whatever you prefer.

It’s created free of charge out of QuarkXPress 2018 (which offers an InDesign import filter and PDF Import filter). You can export these as HTML5 then and host them anywhere you’d like (hosting most likely will have storage and transfer costs).

Matthias (Quark)

But getting Quark to “create it free of charge” can set you back $850 (plus applicable taxes) for the software itself.
Less, if you have an upgrade path.
But it ain’t free.

How big is it going to be? Can’t you just use a pdf sitting in your public_html folder?

I think I found a site that might work. It’s called calameo.

FYI, all those sites that offer it as ‘free’, including calameo, will embed ads next to, or on top of your doc. Do you want your users looking at spam ads while trying to read your annual report?

There do appear to be some free options that aren’t ad supported, but they may not be as “slick”. This is simply off some quick googling on my end. I’ve never used these and I’m not sanctioning them.

Correct, QuarkXPress itself is not free, however the creation is free.

If you have InDesign, the Competitive Upgrade to purchase QuarkXPress is $399 (not $849).

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