Digital Tablet for graphic designers

I have never used any digital tablet (with screen) to do my graphic design projects. I am tempted to buy one after seeing many digital artists on youtube showing off their beautiful piece of art. I want to know few thing before making a purchase - Is such device useful in designing ads banners, as we do with the help of Adobe Illustrator via stand-alone computer (desktop/laptop)? Or is it only useful for making digital arts such as cartoons, sketching and illustration stuffs?

What software do you want to use on it?
Some software doesn’t run on some of the tablets.
Are you proficient with using a stylus?
Do you think a tablet will have enough ram to do what you need.

It is only a tool. It won’t make your art any better. That’s all you.
If you need ram and processor power, stick with a larger laptop or desktop unit. Tablets don’t have it. If you feel the need to use a stylus, by a Wacom.

From personal experience, I find the stylus difficult to use when doing regular production work. I have a wacom and stylus on my home computer, but when doing graphic work, I always use the trackball. It’s just faster for me and far less mistakes (it’s amazing how sensitive onscreen buttons and bezier handles can be when flicked over with a stylus. Even when I use it for drawing in Photoshop, I’m constantly having to fix stuff it’s inadvertently activated. Could just be I suck at it, LOL!

I use a non-digital, foldable tablet. It’s commonly called “paper”.

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I think what you mean are the devices like wacom cintiq, Huion kamvas and XP-Pen Artist.
they works as a second display and input device, but they still need to connect to a laptop or desktop, you can draw directly on the sreen. I have a wacom cintiq 16 and it works well with photoshop, illustrator programs.
The only problem is the portability, if you want to take it out and draw anywhere, you need a standalone drawing tablet like ipad, surface pro or samsung galaxy tab.