Diploma Project searching for advices

Hey everybody,

I’m starting this day my diploma project for my master and I would like to make a book and a campaing about my vision of the end of the world.
I would like to represent the degradation of earth by using elements/object and making pictures about their unnatural death. I mean I will “kill” those objects on purpose and write reports for each steps of their death.
I’m just not sure about how can this become a way to communicate.
I thought of maybe it can be for a fake organisation that prevents from killing the planet…

What do you think about it ?
What do you think are the Strenghs/weaknesses/Opportunities and Threats (swot) about this idea ?

Thank you everyone, I’m looking forward to your answers ! :slight_smile:

(sorry for my bad english)

Just put a time-lapse photo microscope over a petri dish and watch as a colony of bacteria thrive and use their resources until they multiply out of control and die in their own poisonous waste.

That is the elephant in the room no one seems to want to discuss. And as far as I can see, there ain’t no stopping it. Short of WWIII, the Earth will outlast us. Of that I have no worry.

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My question to you would be, why create a fake campaign? You can do actual research (primary/secondary/tertiary) and create a factual campaign based on the evidence as oppose to dogma. I think this will demonstrate your ability to do research on a topic, and create something that visually communicates the facts about the topic. This would benefit you greatly when sharing the process of your work with potential clients/companies.

That said, and if I understand you correctly I would probably tackle the project in a book format. This would be assuming you have a high(er) level of photography skills (or can afford to hire a professional) and your niche is print layout. Using photography, having an object before and after you kill it. You could explain how it represents what humans are doing to the earth/nature.

That may not be the best way for you to tackle it, but it can be a start. The more you research the topic, the more you’ll find the best way to communicate it.

Do a search for “lifecycle infographics” since they do a good job at chronically linking individual elements.