Discussion for portfolio ideas

Hi All!
I was wondering if a few people would be kind enough to discuss my ideas for my portfolio. This is my last assessment and I’m looking forward to completing the course.

Ask away. Someone will answer. Though it’s a little slow this weekend due to the holiday here.

Thank you!!
I have to do a printed portfolio, a small PDF portfolio and a online portfolio. I had to come up with 3 ideas for each and discuss them with people in the industry.
So my ideas are:
Printed portfolio- Minimalistic portfolio using black, white and an accent colour to better showcase my work. I was thinking of using sharp lines and nice typography.

PDF portfolio- I was going to make it the same as my printed one but using interactive arrows to turn the pages

Online portfolio- I was thinking of creating my portfolio through Adobe Portfolio and link it to Behance and my social media accounts. I was going to go with a black background, white text, sharp lines and simple san-serif font.
Can you please give me your opinion.
Would this gain attention to potential clients/ employers?
Are the ideas on-trend?
Is there anything you would add/ leave out?


What you’ve described is very general.
The interactive PDF, just be sure it loads quickly, isn’t too large to download. Quite honestly, we wouldn’t open an unsolicited PDF attachment on an email.
The online thing, white text on black is often problematic. It can be extremely hard to read and if I have to work too hard to see what you’re saying, I move on.
As for will any of this gain attention, hard to tell without seeing some actual results.
Why do you want to follow trends?
Not sure what you meant at the beginning about needing 3 ideas for each. You’ve only come up with one each.

Thank you for taking the time out to provide some feedback!
Enjoy the rest of your holiday :smile:

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