Disney LUCA posters


I like the old-style, flat poster illustrations, but I wonder why they chose that style when the movie uses the usual Pixar 3D computer animation. I suppose I was hoping the movie would match the posters.


Agreed. I was hoping the movie was in this style and got a bit disappointed, but still very nice.

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I agree. I’d much rather see the flat art version for this movie (if I were to actually go see the movie, or any movie.)
Digital Claymation is losing its charm for me

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I would honestly not complain if the first poster was the animation that they went with. It has that Little Prince type of vibe. Still liked the movie though.

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Despite liking the posters, I’m less enthusiastic about the grungy layer the illustrator superimposed over everything.

I suppose the illustrator wanted an aged look or something that resembled old letterpress printing on newsprint. However, I think better and more subtle ways exist to achieve the effect without making the illustrations appear like they’re behind dirty glass that needs cleaning.

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Illustration 101: “Mind you light source” (#4)

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Ha, now that you mentioned the grunge layer, they are all the same too, LOL
They sorta look like a “quality” print off the inkjet plotter, on draft mode, on throw away paper, when still wet. Kinda dark in streaky places.

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your! Mind your light source! Geez …

The grammar Nazi shoots himself in the foot.

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btw … I have always had a hint of dyslexia (Very mild) that mostly affects the way I see and process numbers.

** back story
I found out when I got my first summer job at a bank processing Master Charge cards back in the very early 80’s. I found out quickly I wasn’t doing something right and it didn’t go over very well … as you might assume lol. They were actually quite nice and realized I had a problem and not just being careless … so they let me file things for the rest of the summer. I seemed to not cause as much trouble that way.

To this day I struggle with most anything math related. I’m sure it’s why I struggled in school. But, back then they really didn’t care much about learning issues :wink:
I still have to do things several times to make sure I got it right.

Sometimes it happens when I see all cap letters… and I keep seeing this thread as UCLA.

When I first saw it I was wondering why Disney was making college posters :wink:

Anyhoo… I found it funny and figured I would share :wink:

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Here I go off on a tangent.

I have problems with numbers too. Unlike letters, which always stay in one place and in the right order, numbers move around.

Dialing a phone number is always a problem. I can’t remember more than three digits at a time, which means looking back and forth between what’s written down and entering the number.

I gave up trying to remember my phone number long ago or, for that matter, any number. Sometimes, I can’t remember the numbers in my home address. I can never be sure that I have them in their proper order.

One of the main reasons I went into graphic design in college was the relative lack of numbers to stumble over.

It’s a form of dyslexia called dyscalculia. Luckily, it’s reasonably mild, which makes me wonder what a severe case would be like.

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The only phone number I know is my home number in case my cellphone goes on the blink. I have to know that one so I’ve memorized it. I can’t memorize all phone numbers I know or I would get them all mixed up. I have to do the same as you look at them while dialing and double checking before pressing send :wink:

…and I have mixed up my home address a time or two transposing the building number with the apt. number. It’s made for a couple interesting deliveries :wink: But, that’s only when I forget to do my triple check system or it’s something new where my address isn’t saved.

As I say I’m sure mine is very mild to what others must suffer with but, even so it’s presented issues a time or two in my crazy life.

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