Dl margins

So I did this exercise for a Dl brochure. size A4, margins 12.7. It is divide in: Cover 100 mm - back 99 - side 98. But when I went to make the mockup the margins seams not work. I don’t know what is wrong

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What is a DI brochure? What are you referring to when you mention margins? What is a margin seam?

You’ve designed a basic trifold brochure. I don’t understand what you mean when you say it’s not working. Is it not folding up correctly? If so, why?

When you say DI, I assume you mean DL?

[Just-B; DL or 1/3 A4 are other terms for tri-folds over here. Technically, this brochure isn’t DL, as it usually tow sheet size. Besides, this finished size is 100x210 and DL is 99.]

The first thing I thought when I read your post was 12.7mm margin on an A4 is just lazy. That’s just InDesign’s metric conversion of the imperial default. You’d never choose that size. Also, that, I assume, is the margin set on the overall A4 page, that you have then divided into three, as the margins on your visual, do not reflect this being for each panel. In fact, the overall margin you’ve used for the A4 doesn’t reflect it either, so I don’t know where the 12.7 you refer to is used. Perhaps on the inside?

The actual margins you have used for each panel are far too tight – both visually and practically. The front panel is fine, but the other two, if the printer gets the crease a little off, risk losing text on the score.

You visual is also wrong, in that you have the panels reversed. For it to work, the front panel would need to be on the right hand side and rip the copper coloured one on the left. Pick an actual 1/3 A4 leaflet up from somewhere. Open it out flat and see where each panel is and and you’ll see what I mean.

Finally, be aware that your panel sizes always need to be checked with a printer. Some printers use 100, 99, 98, as you gave done, but others use, 100, 100, 97. This allows for a bit more tolerance when scoring to make sure the small panel folds in easily.

Always check with your printer before starting any job is good advice generally.

If your margins are not what you expected, maybe you have used 12.7mm across the folds, instead of 12.7mm each side on the fold.

It’s also possible you used the same panel sizes on both sides. The outside should be 99-100-100 mm and the inside 100-100-99 mm.

DL Inside
DL Outside

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I always draw on a piece of folded paper when doing these things. I don’t do them often enough to remember face side, mailing side, inside fold. :slight_smile:

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Gate fold? Z fold?

Isn’t English a wonderful language? By trifold does it mean folded three times, or folded into three panels?

Does tri-panel work better?
Or hexi-panel if double-sided?

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