Do any one, have any idea. On how to sell this one

Hello every one, i am a new member here.

I have created a video promo for Men Skincare, but i do not know how to sell it…

This is sort of a backwards way to go about these things.

Normally, when a company decides they need a promo video, they hire it made for them. The hired creative team will carefully research the product, the target audience, the budget, the distribution channels, the needs of the client, etc., then create a promo video custom tailored to meet those needs.

Creating the video first, then trying to sell it on the off chance that it matches up with a company’s needs isn’t likely to work. Of course, the more generic you make it — like stock footage — the more adaptable it might be for various purposes, but narrowing it down to men’s skin care focuses it so tightly that the chances of someone needing what you’ve made is very slim.

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Just-B. Thanks for the suggestion. You seem to know a lot.
Hence i would also like to know some more about animated promo like this. As i have never came across any video promo similar to the one i made and i got inspired from the background music only. Shall i call it unique or do people already creating such promos.

Last but not the least how should i evaluate its worth if at all i got a client?

You Need to post it on YouTube & Twitter to get better results.

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Your ad fails because it doesn’t solve a problem. It’s a template that is looking for a message and a product. As @Just-B mentioned, you’re approaching this backward. It is as if you decided to write a book before you’ve written the story.

If you bothered to learn about advertising, you’d realize that ads are created custom for each client/product. The music, the colors, and the tone are all created with the brand in mind. This spec ad already has established all of these issues, which makes it unable to sell to any client that doesn’t fit this tone.

If you’re making this ad as a portfolio example, then I’d suggest you create some copy and a product mock-up and make the ad look as finished as possible. People want to see the full extent of your capabilities, not what you whipped up in an hour because you were “inspired” by a song.

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