Do you ever feel ignored and stuck?

Just a rant, but recently I’ve tried to gain some feedback on some work in other forums and sites. However it seems though that I never gain any type of notice with the most basic of responses which can be incredibly frustrating. It feels like I’m being ignored because my work isn’t worth the time to be even critique, I know that people are not inclined to give me any feedback but it feels like I’m stuck as a designer and can’t move forward.

I just needed to vent this out

I’m not sure what this says about you, but it says enough about your superior.

I don’t follow, about my superior?

There are often words of wisdom @Eriskay’s cryptic comments, but they require some effort to figure out. :wink:

You asked me a question about my response to your Nintendo magazine cover post. I haven’t forgotten, but I’ve been rather busy with work the past week.

This forum has been a little slow lately, which is typically the case on weekends and during the summer. The lack of response you got has nothing to do with the quality of your work.

I’ll head over to that thread now and make an attempt at answering.

I might have misread. My first reaction was that you work in a typical design environment, with typical hierarchy structure. What you described is not untypical of this kind of environment, hence the “superior”.

Now with that out of the way, the (non)reaction you got in the forum world is quite alien to me, so I’ll refrain from blurting out stuff I know nothing about.

Yup, I know that feel! It seems like when you take a chance to put yourself out there, there is always a bit of a gamble whether it pays off or not. But hey, don’t get discouraged! Those devs and designers probably get tons of questions and it takes them time to cycle through them. Have you tried hopping in seasteading communities or online forums related to your target field? That might help put your work in front of the right people.

I’ve always found this forum to be very involved, especially the admins, which is great, because they know what they’re talking about haha.

I try to get in on the conversation but most of the time I’m late to the thread and what I would have to say is already said, often much better than I could explain things - so I just sit back and read.

I saw your Nintendo magazine cover. I was impressed with how well you took the feedback and made changes that made sense. You’re doing good.


There’s another side to the problem. People (not the original poster of this thread) will visit, post a question that requires a long answer, then never bother to acknowledge the response or, for that matter, never return at all according to the server logs.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m hesitant to respond in a meaningful way to poorly written, half-baked inquiries that read as though they were quickly dashed off on a smartphone while waiting for a traffic light to change. I’m increasingly disinclined to take several minutes of my time writing a response to someone who couldn’t take more than 30 seconds to compose a thoughtful request.

I understand that it can be frustrating and disheartening when you don’t receive the feedback or recognition you were hoping for. It’s important to remember that receiving feedback is not always within your control, and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the value or quality of your work.

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I can understand that may be the reason, it’s just that if your passionate about your craft and want to improve, it feels so defeating when you’ve hit a wall in your approach. I understand however that you must maintain a gallant course in working in this industry.