Do you fear Artificial Intelligence?

Personally I’ll just stick with my Android phone that I’ve had for 4 years, it does what its told.
I think it’s me who needs to become better operator at execising restraint around how I use it, rather than buying another device.


Sorry if this has already been discussed.

I have no problem using AI as a personal tool. My worry is how others will us it—especially Adobe.

Article is just scaremongering.


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Art Theft is the horse that has already left the barn.
And if you host content online, any content, from your refrigerator art to your bank credit card info, you should expect it to be stolen. Whoever thought the internet was a safe place to store all the world’s personal data? Stewpid.

Thanks for the link Smurf. Now when Adobe locks me out on Monday, I don’t have to go searching for why. LOL!


Well that’s between you a few tick boxes…

I pity the fool who steals my ‘art’ or even uses my designs to teach generative AI… if that’s the way then expect a lot of bad artwork in the near future …

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The tick box that will prevent internet theft doesn’t exist (not even the off switch.) There is no way to untick the way other people store your info online and only a few lines of code need to be broken for a thief to gain access. That’s the way it’s been since day one with online anything.

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Yeh, had a guy on the Adobe forums demand that Adobe make his published online stuff not possible to copy or download from.

But you can dig into HTML and download even if the right click is disabled.
You can screenshot
You can photograph
You can do lots of things.

He didn’t get that there is no way to stop anyone from stealing things.

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“You can’t stop the signal, Mal.”

I’m not sure if this video is relevant since Adobe said they plan updated changes per the article @Smurf2 linked to, but I thought it was interesting.

I haven’t been following this too closely since my CC apps are all a couple of years old, so maybe that guy is way off base. I don’t know.

I just click the license.
We don’t use their cloud services.

Think I’ll stick to official channels and not people wanting views through clickbait and only offering you information you want to hear.

Instead of telling people to read the EULA - they pick and choose the parts they want.

At the end of the day - it’s a content creator - I pay no attention to these clowns.

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I stopped listening to his ‘virtue signalling’ about this point.

the bit about the images being flagged as sexual

That part about child images/abuse etc. is also built into gmail. I read an article a few years ago how a paedophile was caught sending images through an email. Images are tagged in a certain way to be flagged.

It’s a digital tag - and many many many applications use it.

Google 'reveals user' over Gmail child abuse images - BBC News.

Fair enough.

Not being bad or anything though one of the main reasons I hate “influencers” I don’t watch any online YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, snappy chat, twitter/X etc etc.

To me it’s just boring amateur hobbyists without much of a clue.

All they want is clicks and they don’t care at who’s expense.

It’s sickening. And the followers, forgive me if anyone is, are pretty bad too.

It’s just not for me.

I’ll never understand it.

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We just got an odd request from a long standing customer. A personal favour, a one-off. The guy who cuts his lawn broke a window and as a joke he wants a poster doing - this was the brief;

“The guy looks a bit like Sgt Bilko so can you do a pic of him with a lawnmower and a broken window. His name and phone and the slogan ‘Gardening and Boarding Up Services’.”

So I looked for pics of Phil Silvers and a lawn mower and I wasn’t getting anywhere. The boss sent me a perfect pic with all the elements - done using AI.

Next time I’ll know where to look.


An AI requires power; tons of energy to process. Your brain needs just a spark to come up with imaginations.

Think of the first airplane designs, think of what people in the past and how the future now would be.

Those people had fears, maybe they feared the industrial evolution. But it proved useful for those who embraced change.

I think, AI is not here to destroy us. But give us a way to improve lives.

And even when it is made to destroy us. I don’t think lines of code can be able to survive and prevail than human who have been here.

Even when humans made something, more than AI, it won’t take down the race.

Humans where made to adopt