Do you have good experiences with udemy courses?

Tell us if U have good experiences with udemy courses for design topics.

U no wat? i hang out on a discord with a bunch of artist-types predominantly under 30, and NONE of them still use the one letter contractions in the forum space, aiadkfj <although they’ll use something like that instead of LOL…

Gotta say - that got me too, why go through all the trouble of writing a post and not even spell out words correctly?

Anyway - never heard of Udemy. Never heard of anyone applying for a job through me that ever had a Udemy college on their CV.

While I’ve heard of Udemy, I’ve never looked at any of their courses. I’m guessing it’s similar to Lynda. Some good, some bad, some downright awful. I don’t think it’s a school per se. I certainly would hesitate if someone only had that listed on their CV as a designer, but then, we are one of the few places that take on non-college graduates if they have the demonstrated skills we need.

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God, I’m old…


Never heard of Udemy and no idea what designs topics BR or Robin is :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is Best Regards, maybe?
And Robin is the person posting?
Or a rep at Udemy doing some spamming…? LOL

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That makes sense now … it didn’t before lol :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not very fluent in teen speak :wink:

I’m not either. At least the kids in that other forum are good sports about teaching The Old Guy. They think it’s fun. :laughing:

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