Do you listen to podcasts while you design?

I absolutely can’t listen to any dialogue while doing design - it makes my brain try and go in two different directions because it wants to give equal attention to both!
For some reason music is ok though, but often times I find myself concentrating so hard that I forget to put it on in the first place.


I can’t listen to anything when I’m working or my mind tries to focus on both and I can’t concentrate. Every hour or two I need a break, so I’ll check email, visit this forum or check the news.

I typically listen to podcasts when I’m riding my bike or taking a walk, which I do every day for an hour or two.

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Nope. No music, no words while working on the computer. Especially if I’m doing a lot of math, like a large bid contract. In fact, I just bought a new pair of noise cancelling headphones to wear and pretend to be listening to music while I work so no one will talk to me.

But out in the shop while doing piecework or laying vinyl, definitely music for me. My co-worker listens to podcasts. We trade off if we’re working out there at the same time. Not allowed to wear earbuds in the shop areas.

Ambient music is OK (you need enough to keep going all day) or generative sounds from my VCV Rack. Usually I work in silence. The only other exception is Test Match Special.

I envy people who can walk and chew gum at the same time. Sadly I do not have this special skill.

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I can’t listen to podcasts if I’m working on something that needs my concentration or creative energy – which is most of the day. I can listen to podcasts if I’m doing a repetitive task or something a bit more mindless; a good example is if I have a bunch of clipping paths to make. I enjoy podcasts but, since I work from home and don’t drive that much, I don’t get much time to listen to them.

I can, depending on the task. I can while I’m combing through and processing files for production…non-creative tasks. When I’m doing creative work my brain would short-circuit or melt or something.

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Good to know I’m not alone, I feel very validated!

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Sometimes when I’m stuck on a “designed block” I put some music in the background. For me this change of senses and scenery at times helps find new inspiration and gives life to the design. Not always but sometimes.

This works only with music with no words. If it has lyrics it confuses me.

Yes, this is a good way to spend time interestingly and profitably for me while I’m busy with work.

Depending on my mood, I love imaginative/creative music especially when it’s combined with other categories. My favorite types would be dramatic sounding classical, world music, experimental electronic/techno and beyond.

Yes i do, because i personally feel very relaxed after listening to some classical music. Whenever i feel stressed or tired mentally I listen podcasts!

I didn’t see this post and posted a question about - what podcasts do you listen to? Got any suggestions…in the graphic design area?

Hi Shadow,
I also not listen to any podcasts even music.
The podcasts need equal attention to understand while music diverts my attention.
Even when I am indulged in work and I have put something to eat, I forget to eat.

I don’t listen to podcasts while I’m designing because too often I’m reading the text that I’m setting. I consider it another layer of proofreading. You can’t proofread if you’re concentrating on a podcast.

I do however, listen to podcasts when I’m photographing and styling.

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For me, it entirely depends on the task at hand. I love music and can’t live without it, so if the task is not demanding, I will almost always have music on.

However, if I am coming up with ideas, usually, I’m not in the studio anyway, but I need complete silence and isolation. Additionally, I will switch everything off if the task is particularly intense.

For those intermediate levels, music fires me and has actually a positive effect.

True, we can’t proofread without paying full concentration to the content.

Sometimes I feel relaxed with music and sometimes it irritates me.

OMG Same here!
The thing is, podcast would be too much .
Music sometimes it iritates me when working but ive found the solutions its background musik.
I dont focus on the lyrics because its hard to understand anyways.
Like Thievery Corporation my favorite one.

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