Do you want to join to my project?

Together with my friend working on mobile app. App is teaching users Spanish and English, application is hobbystic project. In app we are using vector “maps” which contain: restaurant, city, train station etc. Do you want to join us ? I need help with these graphics, instead we can add your name to authors. Below example of maps. Interested ? Let me know.

is this scene from Palma, Mallorca?
and they need masks and surgical gloves.

Will this app generate any revenue for you either from selling the app, in-app purchases or ad revenue?

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Thanks for your advice. Can you photo of this place in Mallorca ?

Yes, we want to generate some revenue in future, but on this moment we are focusing on free demo, and after that we want to find a way to find donates to make full version. Maybe kickstarter, but I don’t know yet. Why ?

This is a forum for (mainly) professional graphic designers who try to provide professional services to put food on the table. Why did you ask?

As Eriskay said, most of us are professional designers. You’re asking if anyone is willing to give their time away to be listed as an author – which is basically giving their time away for free – when you plan on profiting off of the labor. That’s not cool.

The UI/UX will be a major selling point in an app like this – so it has to be top notch, not thrown together by a designer that has nothing better to do than work for free.

I’d suggest you raise capital so that you can properly invest in talent to help you with the graphics. If that is not realistic, consider offering profit sharing or an ownership stake in the company. Either way, don’t ask people to work for free when you plan on profiting off of their work.

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you lost them on "professional’

You posted this in the student forum. Is this a student project that you hope will eventually make money? If so, that’s totally fine, but I doubt you’ll get any takers her to do free work. For that matter, it’s technically against the forum rules to even ask for free work here.

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