Docking Stations

Hello all. I have a question about docking stations. They’re fairly new to me since I bought my first MacBook Pro 13 inch the other day. I need a docking station to hook my iMac monitor up and it has to have an ethernet port. Are any better than others? Would love to get some suggestions. Many thanks!

Other World Computing (Mac sales) makes great products for Macs. They have good warranties and support. they are pricey, but worth the extra cost. I would not trust the amazon site that much unless sochi or anker has one with 4 stars.
i hope this helped

I dunno, maybe I’m old school but you only need a double-ended thunderbolt cable and an ethernet-to-thunderbolt adapter.

This Kensngton Dock was what my job provided us. It seems to do the job well, but I was never able to connect 2 monitors to it (I probably could have troubleshooted it more, but I just ended up connecting a 2nd monitor to one of my open MBP USB-C ports with a $15 dongle type of adapter. A little clunky, but not the end of the world.

This site has several docks reviewed. The same site also reviews smaller “hubs” which might work out for you.

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