Does anybody know how to create this effect?

Does anybody here know how to create this effect?
I’ve been trying for a while now in Photoshop, because i found out once. But i just don’t remember…
(I’m talking about the two tone color effect0

Are you referring to the motion or the color overlay?

If you mean the colouring, look up “duotone”.

Strictly speaking, that photo is not a duotone. It is a spot colour monotone overprinting a second flat colour. Sorry to be a pedant, but usually a duotone photograph is one the uses both colours to build the photo as part of the half tones, in much the same way CMYK does, but with two spots, rather than four process colours.

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woops sorry i thought i edited my question. but it seems i didn’t.
i’m talking about the color tones. the two colored effect!

yeah duo tone seems more like the second picture right? (i thought i removed this from my post but i didn’t) how would you call the two tone effect from the first gif ?

The first one, like the second is a monotone image over a second colour background. The only difference is, there’s no halftone dot in there on the first. They are solid colour line art illustrations.

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