Does anybody use Dribbble Pro Business?

Looking for new ways to drum up some freelance business. Does anybody use the freelance projects board on Dribbbles Pro Business plan? Is it worth the $15 a month?

I’ve tried so many services but not this one. So just curious if anyone has any experience. Thanks

I’ve had a pro account for a while, and I was excited when they announced the projects thing - but having looked at everything that’s been posted thus far, it all comes across as ‘bottom feeder’ work. I’ve yet to see budgets mentioned, but the nature of the jobs and ‘briefs’ certainly come across that way to me. Could have been done so much better, especially given they bought out ‘’ before adding it.

I don’t know anyone who’d use a service called Dribbble to find a graphic designer.
Not the clients I work for anyway.

It’s a huge community of designers, I would guess one of the biggest there is. All of the current designers I follow have active accounts there.

I’ve mainly used it as a source of inspiration and to follow other designers, was just curious if the pro version had any potential to get decent freelance work from.

Might be worth your while to ask that community whether they are just using it to further their internet exposure, or if they actually use the pro platform for work.

Maybe I’m just in a weird corner of the design universe, but I can say with some certainty that a very large percentage of the designers I do work for are not on the Dribbble platform (I just search-checked the top 10. None appeared.)

Out of curiosity, what networking or portfolio platforms do you use? Always looking for new sources of inspiration and networking.

Full disclosure, I am not a user of any platform like Dribble. Maybe there are folks getting work from these places. My impression is that you are one of tens of thousands of designers. The best way to get new clients I’ve found is to stand out from the crowd. Not blend in.

Well, I’m more looking to post somewhere where people looking for designers go. Wherever that is I obviously want to stand out. That’s what my original question was aimed at. Strange more people here haven’t heard of Dribbble. I honestly haven’t met any designers who don’t have an account there. But I guess we’re all in different areas of design on here

I suspect most everyone here has heard of Dribbble. However, I don’t use it for anything or have an account there.

My impression from, admittedly, several years ago was that it was a place for hobbyists, amateur illustrators and students to show off their work to their peers — sort of like DeviantArt. Maybe it’s changed or maybe I just dismissed it too easily.

I have little interest in attracting followers, though, like it’s a contest of some sort between designers. So that’s an immediate turn-off for me. Browsing through their freelance job posts, it all appears to be bottom feeder leads, like designing people’s Facebook banners and self-published book covers.

I’ll need to take a closer look.

Thanks for the input.

Any suggestions for more legitimate places to find freelance work? With everything going on the world, looking to pick up some more work if it’s out there.

Not one to “show off” my work either, just looking for a place where people who need one-off or retainer work might be looking.

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