Does anyone translate GD speech to Engineer speech?

Does anyone else struggle with getting the CAD files they need from a CAD “knowledgeable” individual?

I’m trying to put together a rendering of one of our products into Adobe Dimension (because it’s awesome, I don’t know CAD, and the person that in theory knows how to do these things has no clue how to make a rendering involving any level of detail… oh, and I actually need this file because a product video is being held up because of this circus.)

This is a piece of equipment. After they provided me with all the components down to the screws in individual files in one email for me to puzzle together, they then sent me a file with everything fused together in one piece.

This was my response: “Is there any way to get an assembly rendering like the attached (the fused piece of equipment), but where the components are still individual components that are “mated” together? (I think that’s the correct solidworks term?)”

In response, I received a .tif of the undercarriage of the unit.

My response: “That’s not what I was asking about. The casing, the under-casing, the knob, the digital display. Is there any way to get those (and any other necessary bits) where they are linked together but still separate components. That way the case can be rendered in plastic and the screen can be a different plastic and the undercarriage can be purple, but we wouldn’t have to puzzle them together. Make sense?”

Is there some other way I should be asking for what I need that the engineer will understand???
Or is the person I’m asking just a moron? I really have no clue anymore. I’ve sent pictures, drawn it out, verbally explained, written… Please tell me I’m not crazy.

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