Dome of the Rock interior vector

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Project name: Dome of the Rock interior vector, Al-Quds, Palestine

illustrator: Seyyedali Mousavi Bafrouei, Masumeh Maleknasab

Licening: This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, Public domain

dome of the rock interior vector pdf

for search engine: palestine, al-quds, vector, islamic art, dome of the rock, omar mosque

Some of us can’t download PDF files from unknown sources. You may get more feedback if you post a screenshot.

It,s also available in

So this is not your artwork? I’m not sure if you’re looking for feedback or…?

I release it in some place to be seen. do This contradicts your goals?

People usually post their work for critique. If you just want people to see it, that’s fine as long as it’s your work.

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