Downloading Torrent files on Big Sur V11.2

Downloading Torrent files on Big Sur V11.2

  1. From what I understood, Utorrent doesn’t work on Big Sur. Is this true?
  2. Currently, I am using Folx instead. Do you think this is ok to use instead of utorrent?
  3. I have downloaded a zipped torrent file using Folx.
    When I unzip the file it keeps giving me an error?
    What do you think this could be?

Do I need to download something else as well to unzip the file…

Any suggestions, please help.

While it’s possible your “torrenting” activity is legal and legitimate, we all know why the concept exists, and that the vast majority of torrent traffic is a vehicle for piracy and copyright violation. In my experience professionals who live on the right side of the law simply don’t spend their time developing a level of torrent savvy that would enable them to answer your question off the top of their head. So my point is, knowing the members here like I do, I don’t imagine you’ll get a lot of help with this from the forum regulars. As always, I could be wrong.


Weird to ask on a Graphic Design forum - why not go straight to the Utorrent forum?

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Or more appropriately, the Folx forum, if there is such a thing, since that is where the error message is coming from.


In trying to keep this legitimate… Did you expect the torrent to be a zipped file or did Folx zip it on your behalf? Zipped files are more susceptible to corruption because of what zipped folders are–compression. Compression can fail and it is highly recommended to not have a zipped folder your only location for that information/content. If you have the option to download your torrent without a zip I would go that route. Otherwise you’ll have to contact the uploader and have them re-upload to the torrent site.

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