Drawing Pen not working

So I just got a new XP-Pen 12 Pro. I connected it to my MacBook Pro and the pen is not working. When I move it, it does nothing, except when I hold down the button. When I do that, it can only work as a cursor. How do I get it to function like an actual drawing pen and get it to click stuff?

Which OSX are you operating on your MacBook?

Did you download drivers for it?

unplug, replug and turn off the clicking options for now.
i do that every time i lunch photoshop and start using the XP Pen.
(with a MBA using high sierra)
has this worked previously?

when you do get that xp-pen working, is placing a sheet of paper over the pad which helps drawing freehand lines a lot better for a friction.
.these pads are good and we just get better by using them on a daily basis.

That xp-pen has varying instructions on getting it to work depending on what OS the OP is using. If a recent update to Catalina is involved, the old driver has to be manually removed, the computer restarted, and the new driver downloaded. You can’t just download the new driver.

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