I am working on a website for a small business. I am currently working on a past events page. I have a ton of photos and do not want to have to post all of them on this page as it would look unorganized and want to have some room for other events that we are either going to or hosting. However, I still want people to be able to access them all without the ugliness of having to put hyperlinks to each individual picture.

Is there an easier way to have them be able to access like an album of some sort to either look or save the pictures if they want to?


You used the word Dreamweaver as your headline. Are you building the website in Dreamweaver? Are you hoping to find some kind of photo album feature in Dreamweaver?

I don’t use Dreamweaver, so I’m unfamiliar with many of its features. A typical way to solve the problem you mentioned is with an interactive slide show. A quick Google search for *Dreamweaver slide show *found several articles on how to create them within Dreamweaver. Several of the articles and videos are quite old, though, and I suspect are no longer relevant.

I am using Dreamweaver to build a prototype. I like using code so I can edit what I need to edit. I wasn’t really looking for a slideshow, more of a way to be able to link the photos for a download if people wanted to save them. I have been searching and have not been able to find anything that would help me with that.

Why will anyone want to download photos of a small business’s past events? I’m sure you have your reasons but are you sure anyone will care enough to browse through a bunch of photos, let alone care enough about them to save them to their computers.

As for how to do it, though. there are numerous ways. For example, zip them up and just create a link to the zipped file. Or create a separate page that you link to with thumbnails of all the photos — each surrounded by a hypertext link with a download attribute to force the download of a higher-resolution image. You could also create a link to a photo hosting site that enabled people to download the photos. If it were me, I’d still go the slideshow route, then let people download them from there.

I work for a balsa airplane company. A lot of our customers are older generation. They like to have the pictures. I tried to do a video of them and post it that way but I had a issue trying to get them all to fit within a timely manner on the video. I did like the idea of a slideshow, however my issue is I feel like I cannot shrink it enough for people to be able to see the full picture and when I do shrink it, it is too small.

If I go the slideshow route, is there anyway that someone can expand it without having it distort the page itself?