Hey people!
My name is Eric from OMDS and I am looking at a well-designed payment system for E-commerce, I have looked at Braintree and Paypal also tried some other third party applications.
The website was built on Adobe Muse, I would ask if anyone knows any good payment systems for e-commerce that looks better then the PayPal buttons.

Thanks, Eric - OMDS Team

I’m just going to say this … don’t be worried about how the buttons look … be worried about how secure and reliable it is. That’s what should make your choice easiest of all. If you have a pretty button and it doesn’t work or worse … you won’t have any commerce to worry about. :wink:


Yeah I am aware just clients are the ones that want it to look nice… I don’t really care how the button looks but the clients do.

This is one of those times that it’s your job to educate your clients. If they still insist on pretty over the standard that is accepted by all and well respected, then let them choose and get it in writing. :slight_smile:

Will do thanks!
OMDS - Eric

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