E- Poster for Social Media

I created a poster in JPG using my own layout via Adobe Spark.

My poster dimensions is huge in size and dimensions but has to meet the following standards in order to be promoted via all social media platforms.

  • 3:4 aspect ratio

  • size 1500 x 2000 pixels

  • vertical (portrait)

How can I adjust / resize my poster as per the above directions to fit to all social media platforms?

Please advise,

I’m not very familiar with Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark). But I logged in and looked at it. It looks like if you created a poster there is a “resize” button in the tools. You can then select “custom size”, and select your measurement option (inches/pixels) and enter your measurements.

It will potentially move things around some to accommodate a different aspect ratio. So, if for instance your original poster was say 24" x 36" it would have a ratio of 2:3, so changing it to 1500x2000 pixels being a 3:4 ration would cause a slight adjustment. On the other hand if your poster was horizontal to begin with and was 36" x 24", so 3:2, it would make more drastic adjustments to switch to a 3:4 ratio.

Thanks but I think I might start the design of my poster from scratch cause the template dimensions of my project are 3300x5100px hence no luck to resized for publication to Social Media. Could you suggest a windows software or/and Android or/and IOS mobile app with a user friendly interface for this kind of jobs? Thank you again for your help!

I’m not sure why.

I went to Adobe Express and created a blank poster at 3300x5100 as you said you have and clicked on resize and changed it to 1500x2000. Things moved around due to the shift in ratio from roughly 2:3 to 3:4 as mentioned above. If you group everything before resizing it keeps them from moving and then you can move and resize things as needed. Which I think is pretty user friendly.

I can’t recommend anything as I use the full Adobe Creative Suite. It sounds like you are looking for something pretty “simple”. If so, I would think Adobe Express would work relatively well.

ok thanks