Earning fee by designing graphic template?


Is there any way to earn a fee by designing graphic templates?
(Also I know painting and coding).


I don’t do much with templates, so there may be other avenues out there, but I have seen templates sold via sites like Shutterstock and iStock. You can sell WordPress themes.

Having neither paid nor received money for any kind of template over my 35-year career, my first impulse is to answer no. But these days, it wouldn’t surprise me much if people vying for crowdsource “success” were to dig their respective holes just that little bit deeper by paying a small fee for a template. That thought out of the way, it occurs to me that I might not even know what a “graphic template” would be.

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Look at the size of wannabe “designers” out there. You can make a buck (literally) doing templates. You’ll also have to be very good (in our eyes) and a superstar (in our eyes).