Easy to use font management software

Have you found a font management software like Corel font manage?

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Hi Panda, I use Linotype FontExplorer. I haven’t tried Corel font manager so I can’t compare.

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Thank you for your help, I hope to find a font management software for win10. Sincerely thank you.

On Windows I have been using Proxima FontExpert for quite a while and really like it. High-Logic MainType is pretty decent as well. On other personal machines I have used free Nexusfont http://www.xiles.net/ mainly for the auto activate function. It is fairly basic though, and in my experience does not work well if you have a lot of fonts. (2000 or so), and in Windows you need to disable Windows 10 font cache or it causes all font hell to break loose.

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Thank you for your professional answer.

Thank you, I am looking for! See if you support the language of my own country. You know, I can only come over the wall! Our country is completely isolated from the outside world.

@Panda I see this is a somewhat older topic, but for future reference or other visitors: After using several other font managers on win 10 before I had to switch to software that wasn’t taking forever to load all the fonts on disc everytime. I happyliy use his software for a decent time now and like @skribe I really like it. It’s fast, doesn’t take forever to load fonts, is pretty advanced, not too expensive and it’s possible to load fonts on the fly for using them directly in Photoshop, Illustrator or Affinity Designer/Photo.

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