Ebook cover specifications

Please advise. For an ebook cover design:

  1. In which format(s) does one submit the final file?

  2. Since it doesn’t involve printing, how does one determine which size(s) is appropriate?

  3. Does one also need to design the spine and back cover?

I’ve always seens specs for 1563 x 2500 pixels.

Every time I design an ebook, the client ends up printing a small run for things like workshops or readings. Some people just prefer an actual printed book. So I would normally design a back and a spine for print but not for the upload file.

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Thanks RKK, Buda.

And what format are we looking at? Jpeg? EPS? PNG?

I think you will have to check with where it’s going for their requirements. For instance Amazon will accept JPG and TIFF, but Google books will accept JPG, PNG, TIFF and want the dimensions to be 1618 x 2500.

Again though as a general rule (as far as I have seen) It’s 1563 x 2500 pixels and JPG format.


This might be handy for you to have.



Ah, this is brilliant! Thanks RKK.

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You’re welcome kissblush

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