eCommerce new versions of the cart area

I am asking for opinions on the two versions of the cart area on the product card compared to the current one -

What’s wrong with the replacement.

Thank you for opinion.


I’d love to help you out.
The image is very small - and it’s hard to read the text - and it appears the text is not in English - so it’s impossible for me to know what it says.

Can you provide better sample images?

I think you put the same image twice

No, there are a few differences, the most within the “Add to Cart” button

It isn’t a noticeable difference. Does the button work? That’s all that matters.

Ah, there are a few differences UNDER the add to cart button.

The image is still too blurry for me to attempt a google translation of what the stuff down there actually says, sorry, cant help further.

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Is it:
Delivery time: 24 hours
Shipping cost: PLN 19

Can’t see the detail, so I see it as overall. For clarity reason I vote V2, it has same style in detail.

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