Editable, Interactive PDF without Acrobat

Hi folks, I’m a multimedia student doing a work term with a non-profit.

I’ve been asked to create an application in the form of an interactive PDF to post on their website. Easy enough as I personally have the Adobe Creative Cloud, but they require the application be editable so they can and edit the names and dates for future event applications. They were previously using Google Docs for applications, but because a lot of their applicants are elderly, they have a hard time submitting things online and would prefer a printable application.

The issue: it’s not in their budget to purchase PDF editing software, certainly not $449 for Adobe Acrobat Pro.

I was hoping I may be able to set the application up in Microsoft Word, but they would still need to convert the word document to an interactive PDF once edited for future events when I’m no longer with them. Are there easy-to-use, non-sketchy free online resources for interactive PDFs that I may be missing?

Thanks in advance!

I’m trying to understand the issue.

You mention the elderly and how they would prefer a printed application, but you also mention an interactive online version.

Either way, while maybe not an ideal environment for a designer you can create and “lock” MS Word docs with fillable fields for the end user to enter info. This page walks you through creating forms in Word and restricting (locking) them.

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