Editable Pages Template for Client?

My client requires a template creating using InDesign, however they need this same template to be editable in Pages by their in-house staff. They need to be editable as they send multiple documents out weekly with different info and figures etc

Not familiar with Pages at all, but I tried exporting an existing PDF and then exporting that to a .doc file. It works but the text isn’t editable, Pages recognises that there’s text there as there’s a word count but it won’t let me select and edit it.

Does anyone know a solution?

Do they need to be able to go back and forth between the two softwares?
Why do they need the InDesign file when they are going to be using Pages?

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I don’t think it’s a requirement, the client has said it could work but would likely need something more basic for staff. I’m only really familiar with Adobe software

You can probably set something up that’s editable as a PDF, or create the template in Pages, but I very much doubt that you could do it any other way.


Simple logic:
The deliverable is a Pages file.
InDesign doesn’t output Pages format.
Can’t do it in InDesign.

Pages is Apple’s word processor. It’s similar to MS Word. It’s definitely not a design layout tool. Like MS Word, you can do some basic layout tasks in Pages, but it’s cumbersome.

Pages can’t import InDesign files. You might be able to create a static PDF from the InDesign file that can be imported into Pages, but it wouldn’t be editable. Then they could add the text in Pages.

This would be horribly cumbersome, though. If they insist on using Pages for layout purposes (ugh), the template/base art really does need to be built in pages — not InDesign. Otherwise, you’re setting the stage for a mess.

Depends how editable it needs to be. You could design something in InDesign, then save it as a pdf with editable form areas. That way you get to control the type specs too, so no-one can add papyrus because it’s friendly.

As a designer, your main goal should be to deliver a solution that works best for the client.

If they really need a more complicated layout than can be built in Pages, they need to use a layout application, such as InDesign, Affinity Publisher, or even MS Publisher. If this is the case, it’s your job to explain it to them.

If they don’t need anything more complex than what can be built natively in Pages, the best solution for this particular client is probably to build it in Pages.

The worst possible solution is to combine their limitations and preferences with yours to come up with a jury-rigged workaround that isn’t ideal for either. What the ideal solution might be, I don’t know because I don’t know the details of the situation.

Thank you everyone for your answers

I just wanted to know if there was a way the client could receive both as they wanted the file to be editable in Pages but also receive an Indesign version too. I’ve explained it’s not worth creating both, or possible for the two files to be compatible.

I’ve given them two options: I design in Pages and they receive that file only or I create it using InDesign and they receive that original file along with a PDF, but can only edit those files within InDesign or a PDF editor such as Acrobat.

Thanks again! Always appreciate the effort that goes into this forum

You could create the Indesign file and put on another layer the components that are to be editable.

When you make the PDF you can have those editable parts layer turned on for printing.

When it’s for pages - turn off that layer - and there will be a blank section.

Place the PDF into Pages - and overlay whether it’s an image or text to be inserted.

Not very clean way of doing it due to people picking different fonts/styles of images/formatting issues etc.