Editing large PDF document in indesign

Hello there! Hope my question fits in this section! :grimacing:

So I have received a pdf document (a planner) with 156 pages of which 18 needs to be completely changed.

I have no indesign file for this specific file, although some of those 18 pages could be transferred form another planner that I have the indesign file.

My question is - what would you do in this situation? Should I make an indesign document with 156 pages and place each page of the pdf inside the document? Or maybe I could make those 18 pages and somehow put in the pdf??

Asking for indesign or any other type of document for this project isn’t an option since those project files doesn’t exist anymore.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

This is the approach I’d take. Create the new pages in ID, export them as a PDF, open up the original PDF in Acrobat, replace the pages with the new pages.

This is a decision for the client to make. Explain that, without the native file, you have to recreate from scratch, which is going to cost him X dollars. If he agrees to that, well, great. It’s also a good incentive for him to track the original file.

Thank you both for the answers! I talked to the client, explained the situation and have already started to remake those 18 pages!

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