Elaboration of company name

Quero dicas de nomes para empresa de Arquitetura
Queria por com minhas iniciais do nome que são A. B. B. no caso seria A2B ou AdoisB, mas me aconselharam a não por pois parece nome de creche kkk
Então queria dicas de nomes


I want name tips for an architecture company
I wanted to use my initials, which are ABB in this case it would be A2B or AdoisB, but they advised me not to because it sounds like a daycare center lol
So I wanted name tips

My Portuguese is non-existant.

An architecture firm is not a daycare center. I’m not sure who told you that, but an appropriately designed logo using A2B for an architectural firm is not unreasonable.

We can’t possibly come up with names for you here. Certainly not based on this post alone. You may get some answers for a name that aren’t serious too, so watch out for that.

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Speaking of which … for ABB to be forefront, I’ll name it

ABBA (standing for ABB Architecture)

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Granted, there is a language barrier, but if you read the letters A – B – B, it sort of sounds like you’re saying “a baby.” Maybe that’s why you received some feedback saying it sounded like daycare? Just guessing.

A2B is fine.

You asked this question on a public forum that is made up of, not exclusively but mostly, native English speakers. We might not be the best source of feedback.

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Do not use abbreviations. They are remembered worse. Furthermore, most of them are taken, for example ABB - Wikipedia.
Check your ideas in the trademark register for overlaps for field of activity, territorial claim, etc.
To me A2B sounds like from A to B i.e. transportation, but it’s important to ask people who grew up in the cultural and geographic area where the company operates AND have some idea of naming. I have the latter, but unfortunately not the former.
If companies don’t pay attention to that, the result can be the Mitsubishi Pajero which had to be renamed expensively to Mitsubishi Montero - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.
Changing the name of a company tends to get very costly the longer it was used due to losing brand awareness.

Have you considered just using your existing name? That doesn’t seem to be so unusual among architects.