Email Graphics Resolution Issue

Hello all. I work in Microsoft Outlook for email communications. I create all types of headers and graphics for my emails. I was wondering the best way to save graphics so they keep their resolution. When I insert my JPEGs and PNGs they look fine but after sending, on the receivers end they lose resolution.

Any tips or solutions on how I can keep my graphics crisp and clean?

I had this before years ago, memory is a little rusty.
It should be 72 ppi - and a jpeg.

As you send out the email, looks great your end, but in transit it is converted and downsampled, badly.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Thanks for the quick response. Another question. I do keep them at 72 dpi but should I have the dimensions large like 1366px x 768px 72dpi or keep inch dimensions like 5" x 2" at 72 or 300 dpi?

I’d keep them at PX sizes and 800 max width at 72 ppi

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