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I have no problems designing a cool email signature. See a few examples for inspiration below designed by various people. However, I would be interested to learn what you think is the best way to prepare email signatures? Every email app seems to have different ways to implement signatures. One could create a simple image that includes everything, but then social icons would not be separately clickable. It would be best to have an HTML code that is easy to modify, etc. I know it works with Gmail, Mail app, and Outlook. How do you deliver email signatures to client?

internal-email-signature-example2 cool-email-signature-sales-team cool-email-signature-idea-social-1 cool-email-signature-ideas-feedback2 cool-email-signatures-color


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However you display your sig in your emails, remember this;
many email systems are set up to not display externally linked graphics.
Our email server is set up to not display images or live links. We have the option to activate them by clicking a button on the email bar if we know the person or care to see their sig.
IOW, It’s not a real good idea to put your contact info entirely in a live link.

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