Enlarge a scan while still keeping detail?

Can someone tell me what the best method is to enlarge a vintage cartoon that is currently about 6" x 9" into a larger size say 18" x 27" or larger but it not look pixelated? Thanks in advance

I’m not quite sure what you mean by pixelated. Rather than seeing enlarged pixels, the problem will be blurriness and imperfections made visible by the enlargement. Unfortunately, there’s no magic way around that, but there are some things you can do.

First, you need to start with a good, high-resolution scan of, maybe, 600 pixels per inch — not a photo shot with your camera, but a real scan from a good flatbed. This will help eliminate the blurriness caused by simply enlarging an already existing image.

Then, it’s a matter of adjusting the dimensions of the scan, which will bring the resolution down to something more reasonable as the physical dimensions increase.

However, what you’ll end up with is an enlargement that shows the imperfections in the cartoon print itself. Things that were invisible because they were too small to be seen will become large enough to see. Things like the grain of the paper, inconsistencies in ink density, uneven edges, etc., will become noticeable in the same way they do when looking at the original through a magnifying glass.

At this point, Photoshop is useful for cleaning up those visible imperfections, and the more time you put into it, the cleaner the enlargement will be.

If there is any halftone in the image from when it was printed, you will have the halftone dots. When you scan the image the pixels in the scan may create an interference pattern with the halftone dots. When the image is printed, another set of halftone dots is imposed upon the image creating yet more problems.

Old cartoons, unless they are so old they’re engraved, they will have either a halftone dot pattern or a rosette color pattern. Enlarging the image enlarges the dots.
Moore’s can be an issue, or not. A really good high resolution scanner is usually fine and most ink jets will print it fine too if you’re going offset you may have issues. Proof proof proof.

One trick that often works is to scan your piece at a 30 or 45 degree angle.

You’re not going that large. I’ve taken 1800s postcards and taken them to mural size 8’ tall using a good camera to color chrome and a drum scanner. The dots get 2”d but that’s part of “the look”

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moires not Moore’s LOL

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