Error - Object in DeviceRGB Color Space

I have some printers that are receiving the error message “Object in DeviceRGB Color Space” on a file I have prepared for them and I’m not sure what to do. It’s a large illustrated ad, with assets built in Illustrator and the final layout built in InDesign. I saved and exported it to them as a PDF/X1a and thought that would be fine.

They sent back a message advising that I convert it to CMYK which I’ve done, and did before I sent it to them in the first place. I have never received this error message before in preflight and I’m confused by how to fix it. I can provide further context if need be! Any help would be great!


It sounds like you have a hidden object with a RGB profile?

Are you sure that you’ve converted everything, aka objects, in CMYK profile?


Run a preflight in InDesign.
Sounds like you have an image or raster item with a scanner RGB color profile (some stock photos come with weird camera or scanner profiles.)
“converting” your Indesign to CMYK won’t necessarily pick that up.

It could be an object on a hidden layer, or behind something, or on the pasteboard in either Illustrator or InDesign. It could be an unused RGB colour in the swatches.

90% sure.

But I’ll go back through and double check, and maybe rebuild. Some of the assets are before my time with this company.

Thank you!

I’ll do that as well!

Thank you!

Oof. I’ll take a look and see.

Appreciate your help!

You also have to check your Illustrator assets. They won’t necessarily flag in InDesign preflight.
Your printer may be getting an error on a placed asset file that has something RGB in it.

The absolute worst offender is a text start in Illy (a click but no text.) Do a Select>Object>Stray Points check if you can’t find something.