ESKO, Hybrid, Label Traxx... any advice?

We are considering moving our entire platform over to one of the above systems. Our goals are:

  1. fast and easy preflighting, and
  2. cross-division communication and job tracking.

If anyone who knows any good or bad “things” about these programs, please let me know.

Not familiar with the others, but I know several work associates that use esko in their workflows. From my understanding Esko helps them tremendously on the prepress / platemaking side. I’ve heard the main negatives are the initial learning curve and the UI is rough.

I was considering Esko for handling all of the new 2020 Nutrition Fact panel change overs, but the monthly fees were too high for me to pull the trigger at this stage. If your team is serious about it, I think you can have an Esko rep come out and give an intro / training session before you commit.

We’re gearing up for ESKO Webcenter for our packaging production and proofing! It’s expensive yeah, like $2300 a month I believe. Some learning expenses and such as well, but the recurring charge is the $2300. It’s super helpful in prepress, correct, as well as engineering, approvals, workflow through your shop, etc… It’s very customizable and part of the setup is getting the program exactly how you need it, and ESKO works with you on that. But yes, can also be clunky at times depending on what you’re doing, but overall a great production management tool.

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