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Wondering if any visual designers can help me out with something,

A client wants me to take a stab at styling some existing layouts of their storefront page and I was wondering about how many hours you might estimate for that sort of project, they would like to see 2-3 different directions. So the architecture and sizes of things are pretty well set, it just needs branding. But still a new thing for me so thought I’d ask an expert. Thank you!

Wouldn’t 2 or 3 different directions pretty much be 2 or 3 entire campaigns?

To clarify, these are comps/style explorations of one page of the app to help define a direction.

Block out at least a week of your billable time seems reasonable to me.

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a pop culture, and somewhat famous graphic artist, did a piece about a client who “claimed, it’s fine the way it is! it just needs more branding!”

anyway, it depends on how much “branding” is required. Design is always about how much labor is involved. It could take you 20 minutes, it could take you an hour, Your skill level and the client’s ability to detail the project accurately have a huge impact.

Why not bill by the hour? Set a fair rate if you consider yourself a novice. This will also save you in the long run should you get into a ‘back-and-forth’ with the client. With a fixed rate, the client will be more at liberty to make changes, and drag his or her feet on a final decision. Knowing the clock is ticking tends to prompt a swift decision.

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