Evaluate Hiring Test for Junior Graphic Designer?

Hi all! My company is looking for someone with experience hiring graphic designers to help us evaluate a set of questions to test basic graphic design skills. Taking the test + feedback will take about 45 minutes - 1 hour, along with some followup to help us make the questions better. You can select an e-gift card as a thank you for your help.

If you’re interested or know someone who is, let me know.

Post em here or a link to your questionnaire.
Do you have graphic design experience yourself? (as in who wrote the questions?)
What do you hope to gain from a questionnaire that you can’t get from an in person interview and portfolio review?


Thanks for your reply!
We interviewed graphic design folks to develop the questions. The questions aren’t a substitute for either in person interviews or portfolio reviews. Instead, they’re designed to filter out applicants who don’t have basic skills.

Are you in the US? The first filter is usually a 4-year degree, and quite often 2 years of work experience in the field. That work can be college internships.

I’m not sure what a bunch of random Graphic Designers might know about questions to ask for hiring designers. Did you aim higher and at least ask seasoned designers who were CDs or ADs and were in a position to actually do the hiring?

Basic skills depends on what you are hiring for. A Junior Designer isn’t expected to have a lot of skills. Being junior, they work for the lead designer (usually doing the stuff they don’t want to do, LOL) and they learn while doing. This may not be the case, but it sounds like you are looking for a beginner for whom you won’t have to pay top dollar. That’s just an assumption on my part, based on you having to interview design folks rather than rely on an internal resource.

That said, if I ever get another intern applicant who has never heard of a Pantone book, I’m going to cross that school off the list.

I’m in Finland. And I’m looking for someone who has experience hiring graphic designers to critique the questions. We consulted seasoned designers in coming up with the questions, and now are looking for one to evaluate them. That is, are they useful for hiring managers and fair to applicants. The questions are for companies that may or may not have anyone with graphic design experience, but need a way to filter out junior candidates who lack basic skills like, say, knowing what a Pantone book is…

I think the disconnect here may be in what you mean by a Junior Designer.
If a company already has a Senior designer, they might already know what questions to ask when hiring a Junior.

If they don’t have a Senior designer, I really doubt they want to hire a Junior designer. They want someone with enough experience to take the ball and run with it to improve the company’s bottom line. A Junior designer is probably not going to be that person.

I don’t expect much from interns, except maybe how to interface with Adobe software and the basics of color theory. Everything else, I expect they have to learn, on company time. Same with a Junior designer to some extent. If no one is there to teach them, they may learn it wrong, on company time.

I could be wrong, but from the sounds of things, he wants to filter out Junior Designers / People lacking experience & knowledge and wants to make sure they are experienced designers who know their stuff.