Ever use Krita?

I have recently started to explore different free programs to draw and paint with. I know nothing about graphic design and I just enrolled for school starting next semester, so when I say I know nothing I mean I am a new born baby.
So I’ve been using Krita for a week and just been playing on it and learning how to digitally paint and such. I’ve been practicing with landscapes. I really like this program because it has really cool brushes and stamps that help a lot since I’m not very good at drawing on their yet and they’re just fun to play with. What I dont like is that this program crashes and freezes my computer…like a ridiculous amount. It happens so often that I know I couldn’t do any serious work on it because many times I’ve lost my entire file when its happened. Does anyone know of any other free programs similar to krita that has a lot of pattern-like brushes.

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Never heard of it.

Check out this thread. It might help and it’s all I know of personally. I’m sure others will chime in if they have other ideas.


Hmm, I’ve never heard of it, could you give a bit more information?

Krita was developed on Linux and specifically for the KDE desktop. I use linux in my software development work and have used Krita before and it is quite stable there. However, the ports to MacOS and Windows are a different matter. Are you using it on Mac or Windows. If so did you get a “stable” version or did you perhaps download a daily build instead (e.g. Plus or Next)?

If you have a very limited budget you might want to have a look at the products from Serif, Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo, they are quite good.

I started to work with Illustrations using Krita, but there were some problems with software of my computer and now I use Amadine (https://amadine.com) – their official site. Understandable interface, ful pack of tools.

I know that you’re a student but, can’t you pay for the monthly Photoshop subscription of 12$?
Just wondering, it can be cancelled any time I believe.

I would recommend to you to check out different softwares, or at least watch some videos about those. I tried out a lot during the years: photoshop (cs6), krita, gimp, paint tool sai, mypaint, corel painter, paintstorm studio and maybe more, just can’t remember.

What I can say is that every software has their own advantages. The question is: what advantages are good for you personally. That’s why I suggest to try different softwares before you decide which one is the best for you.

Personally my all time favorite is photoshop, because on top of painting I can edit my artworks, I don’t need other software to use. The second fav is krita, it’s free, it’s great.

As for a beginner, XP-Pen Art Tablet is a great choice.

I don’t think for first time is good to invest in a more expensive tablet, because what if you’re not enjoying digital art?

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