Ever use Krita?

I have recently started to explore different free programs to draw and paint with. I know nothing about graphic design and I just enrolled for school starting next semester, so when I say I know nothing I mean I am a new born baby.
So I’ve been using Krita for a week and just been playing on it and learning how to digitally paint and such. I’ve been practicing with landscapes. I really like this program because it has really cool brushes and stamps that help a lot since I’m not very good at drawing on their yet and they’re just fun to play with. What I dont like is that this program crashes and freezes my computer…like a ridiculous amount. It happens so often that I know I couldn’t do any serious work on it because many times I’ve lost my entire file when its happened. Does anyone know of any other free programs similar to krita that has a lot of pattern-like brushes.

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Never heard of it.

Check out this thread. It might help and it’s all I know of personally. I’m sure others will chime in if they have other ideas.


Hmm, I’ve never heard of it, could you give a bit more information?

Krita was developed on Linux and specifically for the KDE desktop. I use linux in my software development work and have used Krita before and it is quite stable there. However, the ports to MacOS and Windows are a different matter. Are you using it on Mac or Windows. If so did you get a “stable” version or did you perhaps download a daily build instead (e.g. Plus or Next)?

If you have a very limited budget you might want to have a look at the products from Serif, Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo, they are quite good.

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I started to work with Illustrations using Krita, but there were some problems with software of my computer and now I use Amadine (https://amadine.com) – their official site. Understandable interface, ful pack of tools.

I know that you’re a student but, can’t you pay for the monthly Photoshop subscription of 12$?
Just wondering, it can be cancelled any time I believe.

I would recommend to you to check out different softwares, or at least watch some videos about those. I tried out a lot during the years: photoshop (cs6), krita, gimp, paint tool sai, mypaint, corel painter, paintstorm studio and maybe more, just can’t remember.

What I can say is that every software has their own advantages. The question is: what advantages are good for you personally. That’s why I suggest to try different softwares before you decide which one is the best for you.

Personally my all time favorite is photoshop, because on top of painting I can edit my artworks, I don’t need other software to use. The second fav is krita, it’s free, it’s great.

As for a beginner, XP-Pen Art Tablet is a great choice.

I don’t think for first time is good to invest in a more expensive tablet, because what if you’re not enjoying digital art?

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this is why I am here, Krita is slowly but surely replacing my CS4 on my macbook air.
since i purchased a Dell xps this year im learning new ways.
Krita has not one advantage over Photoshop/Illustrator besides the pricetag.
But i can perform the same edits, crops resizing and even construction of graphics.
the more i use Krita, the comfort lever rises.

A quick look at Krita tells me that it is Raster-based program, not exactly optimum for graphic layouts with body copy.
It also shows me that the default color profile is sRGB, which is very limited and typically used for screen graphics rather than print. There are any number of profiles available, but those require a level of experience most users, not even pro designers, have. And I can bet they don’t have the necessary profiles for some of the more professional print resources out there. Couldn’t tell if you could load job options. The manual is maddening to read. The translation is borderline poor.

It doesn’t support Pantone.

I’m sure it’s a great program for illustration if profiled correctly and at appropriate resolution, but it is not a replacement for doing layouts in Illustrator or InDesign.

Okay so somethings I have picked up while using Krita
Hold Shift + Space + Drag cursor to rotate
Hold Ctrl + Space + Drag cursor up/down to zoom canvas (2 on the keyboard to reset)
Hold Space + Drag to Move canvas

Also I had the same problem and you have to change these settings:
Go to display - Canvas Acceleration, and change OpenGL to Direct3D. And scaling to High quality if not already

That fixed my Krita and it worked fine

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I just purchased an art-pen X something pad the one you linked-
sadly, i feel like have to learn how to draw allover.
the adjustments help but still not as accurate on Krita.
the x?pad is great tho and useful for coloring.

i had to change my cartooning pattern because the iPad broke which i used by drawing over rough pencil lines that were imported via camera for the last 2 years.
i will go back to paper and markers, then color in Krita with that pad.

There’s another painting/drawing program on the market called Black Ink. Worth checking out, it’s super fast compared to Krita or PS and comes for almost the same price as Affinity Photo. One time payment.

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