Everything new in Photoshop 2021

I had to share this video overview of all the new Photoshop features just added.


The sky replacement and neural network filters are nice. Not all the filters seem to be out yet. Kinda weird these filters seem to render in the cloud much like how adobe had cloud-based rendering in Dimensions beta.

Good features, you can use them to correct when people aren’t looking or tilt their head correctly. You do run the risk of it not looking like them…in my experience.

The Adobe demos of new features always show the feature working in the most ideal situation. In reality, it is much harder on your less than ideal tasks.

Perfect situations for imperfect demos.

Get ready for a titan of fucked up sky images to correct! This is what it means to me :disappointed_relieved:


He looks like one of those spooky black eyed children after the edit.

It’s awesome. Thanks for sharing this beneficial video about photoshop 2021.

That guy’s Photoshop skills are mad. If you don’t follow his channel, I’d recommend you do so.

Had a look at the first few - and then found extremely simiar tutorials posted back in 2010 and 2011.

Actually a lot of videos are taken from a lot of very similar tutorials from bygone years.

Not slagging his skills - just seen it all before and nothing new.
And nothing that I would ever possible need - ever.

Had a look at the first few - and then found extremely simiar tutorials posted back in 2010 and 2011.

Probably very similar tutorials to old ones but with the new Photoshop features which is the propose of this video :wink: I understand, but it’s always worth taking a look and stay updated :slight_smile:

Meh, I have used the same tools and techniques that I learned over 20 years ago.
Fancy stuffy doesn’t impress me, I just want to work.

It really annoys me the new interface, a lot of tools missing on load up, and having to customise each one all the time.

Thank you so much the added features helps us to make the graphic more creative and it is good that you have updated the video showcasing the new features

Not tried 2021 Version of PS…
Going to check

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