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Does anyone know if it’s possible to purchase fonts for engravers to use as regular fonts? I have a customer who wants us to match the following, which I can only find available as an engraving font, but not true type/open type.


*Update: Hermione Regular is the closest thing I can find, but it doesn’t have numerals or symbols.

FWIW I don’t think you will find the same font but there are some fonts that come close.

Caslon Open Face springs to mind - not the same, but close in look + feel.

or Azote Regular;

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Engraver typefaces like that are used for what we call on-line cuts here. The letter form doesn’t make the typeface, the engraving bit does as it follows along the center of the line. The bit on an egraver is a conical shaped tool and the thickness of the line is based on the depth the tool cuts into the label. That’s what gives the letters their true form. This type of engraver typeface isn’t meant to be used as a standalone element.

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The Azote works perfectly for what we’re doing, thank you!

That makes sense, and kinda what I thought was the case. Thank you!

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