Expand my knowledge in editorial design

Hello to all users. I want to expand my knowledge about editorial design. I have come across a course that caught my attention at Tech Technological University. Has anyone studied graphic design courses at this university and can provide me with information about their degrees? Thank you very much, everyone.

I have studied at TECH, I have also found very good programs on design. Personally I have focused on design tools, but I liked it a lot, everything is digital, the attention is good and you have a space to clarify your doubts with the teachers.


You didn’t mention where you’re from, but I looked up the U.S. version of this online school and found the part of the site that described their editorial design program.

What I see are nearly endless red flags.

Their programs seem legitimate in the sense that they offer online coursework that covers many of the basics (in almost every field imaginable). I have no way of knowing whether the coursework lives up to what it purports to be.

I performed a Google search for reviews of the school and found lots of glowing reviews, but many of them had the hallmark signs of paid reviews. I also found some scathing reviews that spelled out in detail why the school doesn’t live up to its claims.

Nearly every page on their website contains an obnoxious overlay encouraging people to sign up and send them money. Legitimate universities do not resort to these kinds of aggressive marketing tactics.

The overlay says they offer advanced master’s degree programs for $1,195. This is ridiculous. The tuition for a typical master’s degree in the United States is 70 or 80 thousand dollars. I seriously doubt they’ve found a way to cut the cost of their program by 50 times while still retaining any semblance of a quality education. In other words, their so-called degrees are worthless — they’re essentially coursework completion certificates that they’re passing off as post-graduate degrees. They’re being expressly dishonest in calling these certificates advanced degrees.

The writing quality on their editorial design page is atrocious. The internet is full of bad writing, but a legitimate institution of higher education offering advanced degrees — especially in programs focused on editorial subjects — would not write the bloated nonsense I read.

Scrolling down to the syllabus section, their course’s subject matter is not graduate-level coursework. Graduate programs do not focus on beginner-level subjects. A candidate for admission to a legitimate graduate program would already know what’s mentioned in the syllabus. Design-related graduate programs from legitimate universities differ considerably from each other. However, they tend to center around theory, experimentation, close interactions with faculty, teaching undergraduates, seminars, and exploring areas of personal interest that culminate in a thesis defended before a graduate committee prior to graduation. For what it’s worth, I have an MFA in publication design and typography from a large U.S. state university, so I have experience (and likely some bias).

I could go on picking apart the deficiencies of their programs and highlighting the red flags, but you get the point, so I’ll stop here.

Despite all this, if you’re not looking for a legitimate degree and want to take a few classes to brush up on things, maybe this school is OK. I’m not sure it’s any better than Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, or any of the many other online programs offering similar coursework without the dishonest hype of claiming to offer advanced graduate degrees that are little more than course completion certificates.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t touch this school with a ten-foot pole.

One brand new member posts asking about Tech Technology University. Another brand new member posts saying how good Tech Technology University is.


And both posting from untrackable VPN servers. It sort of makes one wonder. :wink:

studying here is a good experience, i did a course in digital design and i had no problems. they have an excellent study method and they are also up to date with all the latest information. i had a good experience here.

How much interaction did you have with the instructor? Did you receive critiques from the instructor and fellow students? Were there deadlines, or was the coursework at your own pace? Did you pick and choose what assignments to work on, or was there a set curriculum that you needed to follow? How would you compare it to an in-person program?

I had the experience of studying a marketing course here and it was good, I had no problems and I got my degree in 2 months and they have good study material.

Aww … isn’t it nice that you keep coming back with new accounts to give a thumbs up. You must really like the place.

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