Expanding gradient for bleed

Got a work task where I have to add bleed to a gradient shape. What’s the best method you’ve come across for expanding a gradient without moving any of the color points?

Depends on what software its in and sometimes which direction you are expanding.

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Yup - tell us more!

It’s in Illustrator and generally outward but my project manager just showed me how he did using the direct section tool.

In Illustrator, you better check that you didn’t pull the gradient start-stop points out with your direct select arrow tool. Illustrator doesn’t play that game as well as InDesign unless the gradients are masked for some reason.

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Thanks for the tip, I did end up pulling them about a quarter of an inch away or so.

yeah, and depending on what the shape is, could have pulled it out of brand dimensions.
You want to avoid that.

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