Exploring Inkscape

Hello Friends! ’
I hope I was able to take your previous suggestions and also took time to explore some of the programs that were suggested,. For this piece I used Inkscape. There was a bit of a learning curve and I will need to practice a lot. However, as one video review said, it does crash occasionally for no reason. sigh. I learned to constantly “save”. I will also look into some of the other program suggestions that were given to me. Thank You!
I have no purpose for this image, just practicing. I could put a couple crayons in her hand and maybe some other props, and use her with my teaching materials.
Thanks for all the help from my previous post and also for any suggestions/critiques you may have for me!

You’re a fast learner! A vector editing application is different enough from anything most people have used that they have considerable difficulty with it. You seem to be a natural with it. Great job.

Very glad to see that you have brightened the eyes and the whole drawing came to life. Also very glad to see that you did not try to make it too realistic. Good job!

Thank You! I really appreciate the feedback.
I like the eyes much better, too. I’m liking Inkscape so far. Except for a couple crashes where I lost my work. So, I constantly save. Thank goodness for YouTube and this forum!
Thank You for your kind encouragement. I do have a “Sweater”… :).

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