Export smaller dimension pdfs from indesign

What’s the best way to reduce file size when exporting pdfs?
I tried lowering all the values in the compression tab, which does help… but not enough

Ideally I would like to be able to reduce the actual dimensions of the page/s.
(Just for proofing)

Export to pdf.
8n acrobat save as optimised PDF

  1. Export a full strength PDF
  2. Place said PDF in InDesign at 50% size (or whatever)
  3. Export a low quality PDF

You could just place the in design file.

Question- why would you want to change the dimensions on a proof? That sounds like a really bad idea. Whoever is proofing the piece should see it as it’s actually going to look. If you want to reduces the actual MBs of the piece you can do that in your settings.

I was on my Phone and responding - not easy.

the best way is to export it to a PDF. InDesign adds a lot of information to the header of the PDF that’s not needed.

You can reduce this header information in the Acrobat when using PDF Optimiser.

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As has been mentioned, in Acrobat you can squeeze that file down to practically nothing. All the non-essential information can be removed, images flattened, merged and resampled. CMYKs converted to smaller RGBs. Extra image data extending beyond the edges removed, etc.


Why are you trying to reduce the file size? If it’s because of an email file size limitation, you can use InDesign’s built in Share for Review.

However, if it is for another reason, @Just-B’s advice for optimizing the PDF is a good starting point.

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You know, this really is a good option, and it’s one that many people overlook since it’s fairly new.

This very week, I’m working with a city’s Parks & Recreation Dept. that specifically asked me to share proofs with them using this feature. They even plan to share the booklet with the public this way, which allows the use of InDesign’s PowerPoint-like animation features.

Share for Review is an ok option. It’s fiddly though - I read a lot of people having issues with it.

Why not do a Dropbox Transfer or WeTransfer. They’re free and allow huge file sizes to be sent as a link so the user can simply download them.

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That it is. If you’re sharing within a confined group who already have standing Adobe ID’s (which in many cases, would make the availability of a new sharing model a moot point), it should work fine. Otherwise, there are cleaner and easier ways to move a file around.

If you want to publish a booklet online from within InDesign don’t use the ‘Share for review’ but the ‘Publish Online’ feature.

Thanks I’ve done this. But it feels slow… was wanting to export it once. Not create another indesign doc and re export…

Yeah but I thought there maybe a quicker way

Use this script for multiple pages

How to install scripts How to install scripts in InDesign | CreativePro Network

Acrobat Professional has an option to scale the PDF in the PDF Preflight options.


Thanks @Smurf2 i will try this preflight resize.

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