Exporting Gradient from Illustrator to PhotoShop

Hi All,

I know gradients can be hard to work with and exporting them one Adobe product to another is an issue. I created icons with golden gradient in Illustrator. I wanted to use them on a mockup that is a PhotoShop file (when brought into PhotoShop the color is grey no matter what color mode you select). I tried to google if there was any work around to do this but didn’t find anything. Any help on solving this problem is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

By what method?

I can’t reproduce it here with a simple gradient. Is yours a gradient mesh?

Hi, it’s metttalic gradients. One is silver the other is gold. I had the effect on text as well as icons. I just saved as an AI file in Illustrator and wanted to add the elements to a mockup in PhotoShop. I guess one of the problems is just trying to open it as a AI file in PhotoShop and then just adding the elements to the a layer in PhotoShop. I guess my only working around is to save as a png file (in Illustrator) and then open it in the mockup in PhotoShop. I honestly don’t use the Libraries in Adobe so don’t know if saving in the Libraries and then open it up in PhotoShop might be another option?

Might it be because the metallic colours are spot colours?

Okay, saving it to the the Library seemed to have solved the issue of brining it directly into PhotoShop as an AI File and then placing it into the mockup as a layer.